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Our Services

How We Can Help to Make You Move Better, Feel Better!

Chiropractic Care

Majority of aches and pains arise from improper joint movement, or the lack thereof. Dr. Coughlan utilizes a variety of treatments targeted at restoring the mechanics of the affected joints: spinal mobilizations and manipulations, soft-tissue therapy and patient centred education, exercise and rehabilitation!


Functional Medical Acupuncture

With pain and dysfunction comes muscular inhibitions and trigger points. Using acupuncture needles, Dr. Coughlan will stimulate the affected musculature to restore proper mechanics and mobility of your joints and tissues.


Custom Orthotics and Gait Analysis

Proper foot mechanics and gait is vital to a functional and pain-free life. After extensive gait analysis and foot mechanics assessment, Benjamin will be able to build a custom orthotic designed specifically for your needs!

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